Write On! Market was my big project for 2014. Each month we offered exclusive, limited edition pieces. The Market included pieces i designed and collaborations with other artists and makers i admire. this was such a fun project for me as it kept me thinking outside of the box and let me collaborate with some other artists that i wouldn't normally work with as well as help build lasting friendships with each person.

the second piece for Write On! Market was a collaboration with molly webb. molly is a fashion and wardbrobe stylist (and also my roommate! bless her for putting up with me) who consistently amazes me with her eye for not only fashion but also design and home decor. since i don't even know how to sew a button (go ahead, roll your eyes. i am too) we came up with the idea to make a doormat. isn't it so cute! that gold. 
*cue all the heart eyes*

all photos by kathryn mccrary