How did you get started? // Funny you ask... Write On! Design started because I (Jenn) actually got laid off from a big corporate job! I didn't know it then, but best thing to ever happen to me. However! I probably got my start a lot earlier than that. :) If my memory serves me correctly (and sometimes it doesn't), in middle school was when my infatuation started with tearing out pages from magazines and taping them to my wall to arrange (what I thought) was an even prettier picture. But I'm sure if I found a printed picture from my then current disposable camera, I might cringe. Ha! I had 3 loves growing up: tearing out pictures, painting, and calligraphy. I bounced between all 3 constantly. And now I've somehow found a way to make all 3 work together. [insert heart eye emoji]

Do you offer custom printing? // At this time, custom printing is not a service we offer for any project. However, if you're in atlanta, we can recommend a couple places that we've worked with in the past. 

Can I change the color of my art print? // All of the colors that are offered are included in the listing for the art print. At this time, we are unable to accommodate custom requests for changing print colors.

What are your favorite brushes for hand lettering? // There's not a specific brand we love, but we typically stick with watercolor brushes between sizes 0 - 2. 

How long does a custom order take? // Given that it's just that, custom, each order is different. But typically, your order will ship out 2 weeks from receiving final payment (unless we have a secret understanding).

How long does the branding/design process take? // Like stated above, each project is different and has its own needs. let's discuss what you're looking for and we can chat about timeline, rates and availability. 

I emailed you two days ago and haven't heard back. What's the deal? // We try really hard to reply to all emails within 48 hours, but sometimes things get the best of us. If you're a current client, your email is at the top of the queue – we'll be responding as soon as we can. If you've sent a new inquiry and haven't heard back after a week, please email again! We might have missed you on accident, but we definitely want to chat! Promise.

I'd love to collaborate! Now what? // We'd love that too! We love collaborating with other artists and makers. Can't wait to brainstorm! Hit me up.


don't see what you're looking for? feel free to reach out and ask away!